About blink

I am Debo, (My full name is Debajyoti Datta, and you would pronounce my first name as they-bo-joe-tee). Currently a data-scientist at x.ai, where we are enabling Amy to magically schedule your meetings.

In the past I have worked on various virtual agent projects at University of Virginia as part of my masters and then before that at Carnegie Mellon University as a research assistant. If you want to get in touch with me feel free to reach out to me via linkedin or my email address. (datta 24421112 @ gmail .com)

There should be a series of blog posts of neural network architecture and nlp in deep learning in the following months and weeks. If you spot an error feel free to email me or get in touch with me through the say hello section.

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Also if this blog looks pretty this amazing guy (@4lpine) is responsible for it! Feel free to checkout the Github repository to download it, request a feature, report a bug, or contribute. It’s free, and open source (MIT).